Guest Speakers

Industry Speakers


Every so often we like to bring in industry professionals from game development companies around the area such as Obsidian Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, Red 5 Studios, Riot Games, Naughty Dog, Fireforge, and Quicksilver. These events are meant to be a once in a lifetime chance to hear a legendary developer tell their story about how they made it into the industry and it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and talk with them one on one.

Faculty Speakers


The majority of our organization are undergraduates from UCI so it wouldn’t make sense to not have faculty stop by our meetings every so often right? By having faculty stop by we give students the chance to see what other forms of game development are out there, such as doing game development research with a faculty mentor. By working closely with the Institute of Virtual Environments and Computer Games we are able to provide students with a unique opportunity to dive right in with the faculty side by side.

Alumni Speakers


The Video Game Development Club has been around for quite some time now and on occasion we decide to bring back a few members who were a part of it back when they were undergraduates attending UCI. These events show students first hand where their hard work and education may be leading them in the future and it gives them the opportunity to ask questions to the people who went through the same exact experience that they are going through right now.