Every member of the VGDC should have the opportunity to practice their game development skills in a team environment. Unfortunately, for several years, we’ve been unable to fulfill this promise – there are just too many game developers and not enough games!

We discussed this problem with you guys at our last club meeting, and you all had some good suggestions! We’ve talked all of them over, and we’ve come up with a solution that we’re going to try out this quarter: AGDC*, a Wario Ware type game that any club member can contribute to!

WarioHere’s how AGDC works: Club members develop fun, 5 to 30 second minigames à la Wario Ware. Those games are added to the growing collection of minigames that make up the AGDC unity project. Then, anyone who wants to see everyone’s hard work can download the game and see how many of the minigames they can get through! AGDC’s progress will be spotlighted on our Facebook Group page and our newsletter every other week, and will be presented along side all of the other VGDC projects at our Week 10 Presentations! Anyone who participated on AGDC throughout the quarter will be invited up to talk about their work.

We don’t want club members to just develop their games in isolation, though; you all can already do that! AGDC has a social component as well: Every Wednesday before our club meetings, from 5-7 PM, VGDC will be hosting AGDC Jams in the Game Lab, DBH 1412. The AGDC Jams are a great time to connect and discuss ideas with your fellow club member collaborators or get advice from the many present club officers! It’s also held at the same time as Edwin’s Unity workshops, so you can feel free to go back and forth between Unity-Knowledge goodness and developing your minigame!

We’re all really looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to create! For instructions on how to add a game to AGDC, head over to the github page here. If anything is unclear, feel free to e-mail us at vgdc.uci@gmail.com, or come on out for Wednesday’s AGDC jam and we’ll clear things up!

Right now, when you play the game, minigames will be loaded randomly. In the upcoming weeks, features will be added such as a score system, life system, minigame selection, and more! Stay tuned!


*AGDC because it’s like Wario Ware, right, and Wario is just Mario with the first letter flipped, so AGDC is VGDC with the V flipped, which is kinda like an A! It also can stand for Asynchronous Game Development Collaboration, but that’s just words we came up with after the fact.